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  • APA Connect Physiotherapy Conference Highlights
  • Astir Wins 'Best In Exhibit' for the 2nd Consecutive time at The APA Conference... Watch the Highlghts
  • Customer Testimonial | Tamara Salkavich | Bondi Physio
  • Customer Testimonial | Kish Nadesan | Sydney Physio
  • Customer Testimonial | Craig Gregory | Balmain Sports
  • Customer Testimonial | Jane Yoon | Spectrum Healthcare
  • Customer Testimonial | Rachel Hockings | Physiotherapy Sports
  • Customer Testimonial | Stephen Fairclough | Allambie Sports
  • Customer Testimonial | Kieran Morgan | Penrith Panthers

General Exercise

  • What Our Customers Say About The High Quality Of The Fortress Premium Plus Exercise Band?
  • Why Fortress Premium Plus Exercise Band Is The Best in The World!
  • How Do Fortress Premium Foam Rollers Differ From Those Sold By National Retailers?
  • What Our Customers Say About Our Fortress Premium Plus Dispenser Packs
  • NeckPro® II Cervical Traction
  • S3 Shoulder CPM
  • E3 Elbow CPM
  • A3 Ankle CPM
  • 480E Knee CPM
  • Fortress Exercise Weights
  • AIREX Hercules - Strong in Hydrotherapy
  • AIREX Presents Pilates 190 Mat
  • AIREX Corona 185 Mats
  • AIREX Coronella Mat - Our Bestseller
  • AIREX Fitness 120 - Space-Saving Comfort
  • AIREX What Makes Them Unique?
  • AIREX - Use and advantages of AIREX balance pads
  • Why BakPhysio products are perfect for pharmacies
  • How do BAKBALLS work to relieve back pain and stiffness
  • How to use the NeckRest for your lower neck area
  • How to use the NeckRest to treat your upper neck area
  • The difference between red BakBalls and black BakBalls
  • Why BakPhysio products are so effective
  • Why NeckRest works to relieve neck pain and headaches
  • Bakphysio products for your clinic

Treatment Tables

  • Easy Way To Unpack Your Treatment Table

Medical Furniture

  • Physio Storage and Weight Racs
  • Parallel Bars Spotlight
  • Fortress Exercise Weights
  • Physio Training & Corner Stairs Spotlight

Orthopaedic Braces and Supports

  • Aircast AirSelect Product Video
  • Aircast AirSelect Integrated Inflation Technology
  • Aircast AirSelect Softstrike
  • Aircast AirSelect Duplex Technology
  • How to fit the AirSelect Elite Walking Boot
  • How to fit the AirSelect Short Walking Boot
  • How to fit the AirSelect Standard Walking Boot

Orthotics and Footcare

  • Bio Orthotics
  • Bio Orthotics Components
  • Archline Orthotic Slippers - Indoor Outdoor Slippers
  • Archline Flip Flops Balance Test
  • Archline Flip Flops Features Benefits


  • Gymna Shockmaster Testimonial
  • Primo Combination 860
  • Primo Therasonic 460
  • Gymna ShockMaster 500
  • Gymna Shockmaster Indications
  • MyoPlus2 Pro | Basic Operation and Display
  • MyoPlus2 Pro | Selecting Your Treatment
  • MyoPlus4 Pro | Basic Operation and Display
  • MyoPlus4 Pro | Selecting Your Treatment
  • iTens Device - Wireless Electrotherapy
  • iTENS SharkTank Video
  • iTens
  • Set Up and Troubleshooting your iTENS
  • Tips and Tricks for iTENS

Tapes and Strapping

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  • Bloccs Protectors shower, swim or bathe with a cast
  • Bloccs Waterproof Cast Protectors - covers for broken and injured arms and legs
  • How to put on the Bloccs waterproof protector
  • AquaCast WaterProof Arm Cast Liner Customer Testimonial
  • AquaCast Testimonial Gina
  • Short Arm AquaCast Application with Cuff
  • AquaCast Long Arm Cast Application
  • Hipster Liner AquaCast Application
  • Long Arm AquaCast Application
  • Short and Long Arm Waterproof AquaCast demo
  • Short Arm AquaCast Application
  • Short Leg AquaCast Application
  • Thumb Spica AquaCast Application
  • Ulna Gutter or Boxer's Cast AquaCast Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Short Arm Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Lower Leg Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Long Arm Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Ankle Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Thumb Spica Application
  • Delta-Dry Softliner Short Arm Application
  • Delta-Dry Softliner Lower Leg Application
  • Delta-Dry Softliner Long Arm Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Short Arm Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Removeable Boxer Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Geisha Shoe Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Club Foot Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Ankle Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Lower Leg Cast Application


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Practice Supplies and Acupuncture

  • Anti-Flamme - Perfect Pain Relief Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Cream and Muscle Rub

Comfort, Support and Back Care

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Hot and Cold Therapy

  • PowerPlay Knee Wrap Demonstration
  • Flexeze Heat Patches
  • PowerPlay Shoulder Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay® Cold and Compression Therapy
  • PowerPlay™ Promo
  • PowerPlay 360˚ Knee Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay Ankle Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay Elbow Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay Hip Wrap Demonstration

Evaluation and Measurement

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Cardio and Strength

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