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  • APA Connect Physiotherapy Conference Highlights
  • Astir Wins 'Best In Exhibit' for the 2nd Consecutive time at The APA Conference... Watch the Highlghts
  • Customer Testimonial | Tamara Salkavich | Bondi Physio
  • Customer Testimonial | Kish Nadesan | Sydney Physio
  • Customer Testimonial | Craig Gregory | Balmain Sports
  • Customer Testimonial | Jane Yoon | Spectrum Healthcare
  • Customer Testimonial | Rachel Hockings | Physiotherapy Sports
  • Customer Testimonial | Stephen Fairclough | Allambie Sports
  • Customer Testimonial | Kieran Morgan | Penrith Panthers
  • Customer Testimonial | Kosta Stavrinos | Kinesis Physiotherapy

General Exercise

  • What Our Customers Say About The High Quality Of The Fortress Premium Plus Exercise Band?
  • Why Fortress Premium Plus Exercise Band Is The Best in The World!
  • How Do Fortress Premium Foam Rollers Differ From Those Sold By National Retailers?
  • What Our Customers Say About Our Fortress Premium Plus Dispenser Packs
  • NeckPro® II Cervical Traction
  • S3 Shoulder CPM
  • E3 Elbow CPM
  • A3 Ankle CPM
  • 480E Knee CPM
  • Fortress Exercise Weights
  • AIREX Hercules - Strong in Hydrotherapy
  • AIREX Presents Pilates 190 Mat
  • AIREX Corona 185 Mats
  • AIREX Coronella Mat - Our Bestseller
  • AIREX Fitness 120 - Space-Saving Comfort
  • AIREX What Makes Them Unique?
  • AIREX - Use and advantages of AIREX balance pads
  • Why BakPhysio products are perfect for pharmacies
  • How do BAKBALLS work to relieve back pain and stiffness
  • How to use the NeckRest for your lower neck area
  • How to use the NeckRest to treat your upper neck area
  • The difference between red BakBalls and black BakBalls
  • Why BakPhysio products are so effective
  • Why NeckRest works to relieve neck pain and headaches
  • Bakphysio products for your clinic

Treatment Tables

  • Fprtress Stability Testimonial | Kosta Stavrinos | Kinesis Physiotherapy
  • Easy Way To Unpack Your Treatment Table

Medical Furniture

  • Physio Storage and Weight Racs
  • Parallel Bars Spotlight
  • Fortress Exercise Weights
  • Physio Training & Corner Stairs Spotlight

Orthopaedic Braces and Supports

  • Aircast AirSelect Product Video
  • Aircast AirSelect Integrated Inflation Technology
  • Aircast AirSelect Softstrike
  • Aircast AirSelect Duplex Technology
  • How to fit the AirSelect Elite Walking Boot
  • How to fit the AirSelect Short Walking Boot
  • How to fit the AirSelect Standard Walking Boot

Orthotics and Footcare

  • Bio Orthotics
  • Bio Orthotics Components
  • Archline Orthotic Slippers - Indoor Outdoor Slippers
  • Archline Flip Flops Balance Test
  • Archline Flip Flops Features Benefits


  • Gymna Shockmaster Testimonial
  • Gymna 500 Testimonial | Kosta Stavrinos | Kinesis Physiotherapy
  • Primo Combination 860
  • Primo Therasonic 460
  • Gymna ShockMaster 500
  • Gymna Shockmaster Indications
  • MyoPlus2 Pro | Basic Operation and Display
  • MyoPlus2 Pro | Selecting Your Treatment
  • MyoPlus4 Pro | Basic Operation and Display
  • MyoPlus4 Pro | Selecting Your Treatment
  • iTens Device - Wireless Electrotherapy
  • iTENS SharkTank Video
  • iTens
  • Set Up and Troubleshooting your iTENS
  • Tips and Tricks for iTENS

Tapes and Strapping

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  • Bloccs Protectors shower, swim or bathe with a cast
  • Bloccs Waterproof Cast Protectors - covers for broken and injured arms and legs
  • How to put on the Bloccs waterproof protector
  • AquaCast WaterProof Arm Cast Liner Customer Testimonial
  • AquaCast Testimonial Gina
  • Short Arm AquaCast Application with Cuff
  • AquaCast Long Arm Cast Application
  • Hipster Liner AquaCast Application
  • Long Arm AquaCast Application
  • Short and Long Arm Waterproof AquaCast demo
  • Short Arm AquaCast Application
  • Short Leg AquaCast Application
  • Thumb Spica AquaCast Application
  • Ulna Gutter or Boxer's Cast AquaCast Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Short Arm Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Lower Leg Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Long Arm Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Ankle Application
  • Delta-Dry Stockinette Thumb Spica Application
  • Delta-Dry Softliner Short Arm Application
  • Delta-Dry Softliner Lower Leg Application
  • Delta-Dry Softliner Long Arm Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Short Arm Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Removeable Boxer Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Geisha Shoe Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Club Foot Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Ankle Cast Application
  • Delta-Cast Soft Lower Leg Cast Application


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Practice Supplies and Acupuncture

  • Anti-Flamme - Perfect Pain Relief Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Cream and Muscle Rub

Comfort, Support and Back Care

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Hot and Cold Therapy

  • PowerPlay Knee Wrap Demonstration
  • Flexeze Heat Patches
  • PowerPlay Shoulder Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay® Cold and Compression Therapy
  • PowerPlay™ Promo
  • PowerPlay 360˚ Knee Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay Ankle Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay Elbow Wrap Demonstration
  • PowerPlay Hip Wrap Demonstration

Evaluation and Measurement

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Cardio and Strength

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  • Tapes & Strapping
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  • Treatment Tables 2018
    Treatment Tables 2018

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Clinic setup know-how

For many years, our knowledge and product range has allowed us to be involved with countless Australian start-ups. We provide outstanding attention to detail...

Shockwave treatment

Shockwave treatment provides an ideal way for healthcare practitioners to expand their business. Our line of shockwave machines are easy to use, so staff...