One of the concerns clinic owners have about opening a new practice is how to maximize the return on their investment. It’s important to us that you are investing your funds in the right products, which is why we take pride is selecting products that

Astir also works closely with a leasing broker that can help you understand the financial benefits of leasing equipment versus buying. The tax benefits of leasing and affordable monthly payments can make it possible for therapists to start their own practice or acquire product that they may not be able to afford to purchase.

Opening your own practice has never been more affordable!

Leasing example

2 treatment rooms


or $30 per week

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4 treatment rooms


or $45 per week

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6 treatment rooms


or $72 per week

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*Please note the monthly payment are approximations and will vary based on equipment selection

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Learn more about financing benefits for your clinic, by increasing cash flow whilst adding technology to your clinic that sets your clinic apart from the rest

clinic owner benefits


Improve cash flow and preserve credit lines

Spread the cost of the asset over time and retain capital for other business needs. Flexible payment options to match customers’ budget and cash flow.


Cost effective pricing

Vestone Capital takes a residual risk in the equipment itself which, in some cases, allows customers to pay off less than the original asset cost. At end of lease, the customer can simply return the equipment and cycle onto next generation equipment.


Keep equipment up to date

Improve the frequency of upgrade to new equipment and avoid ownership of obsolete or out of warranty assets.

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