June 12,2018

Building Your business with Existing Clients

Building Your business with Existing Clients

Building your Business with Existing Clients


A constant flow of clients is the lifeblood of any medical practice. An important part of your sales strategy should be to reactivate past clients. According to business consulting firm, Bain & Company, new clients cost 6-7 times more than ‘working’ your existing clients. Business owners often neglect their existing clients, rather opting for the promise of new clients. Re-activate existing clients by following the following simple steps:


1. Create a fall off list

Every month you see dozens of people in your practice. The majority of these patients never return and you don’t know how they’re doing. Get your receptionist or admin manager to print a list of people who had a treatment at your practice in month 1 but never returned in month 2.


2. Segment your List by Therapist

Depending on the computer software you use to manage your patients, you should be able to see a breakdown of therapists and clients. Breakdown all clients treated in month 1 with their corresponding therapist. (*if your current software can’t do this then you probably need to consider looking at another option)


3. Share the List

You can now hand these lists to your therapists for follow-up. Why not make it even easier for them by adding columns like, date and outcome.


4. Follow-up with your Existing Clients

Your therapists are now ready to follow-up with existing clients. They can use spare time in between sessions and even work it into their daily routine. Even better, provide a quiet room with a telephone for your staff to do their follow-up calls. Staff have a month to complete follow-up calls, their aim should be to bring the completed list to an end of month meeting. If your staff are worried that their clients might still be in pain or experiencing discomfort then this is the perfect time to give them a call.


5. Make Sales Easy with a Script

Speaking to strangers might not be everyone’s strength, but at least your existing clients aren’t strangers anymore. Why not create a basic script for your staff to use when doing follow up calls. Something like:

“Good Morning Mr __________, it's Alfred here from XYZ Physiotherapy. I am just giving you a call to find out if you are 100% now?”

The big win here is for your staff to book any clients who aren’t feeling 100% for a next appointment. There are many ways of getting existing clients to book a next appointment with your practice, however starting with these simple follow-up calls will put you way ahead of where you were. Get started and you’ll be surprised at the steady flow of business this brings for your practice.

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