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For many years, our knowledge and product range has allowed us to be involved with countless Australian start-ups. We provide outstanding attention to detail, guidance and long term support. We can create your state-of-the-art practice, facility or whatever it may be. Just remember, we are here for you.

Clinic Set Up Team – Our team have vast product and industry knowledge providing comprehensive assistance with everything you need to get started. From your quick checklist right through to installation we will provide support, recommendations and absolute details to your project.

1.2.3 – GETTING STARTED IS THAT SIMPLE Our Clinic Statistics Across Australia

To enable to make the right decision from the start, below are a some key statics indicating the popular equipment lines across Australia for recent set-ups we have been part of.

Type of Treatment Tables Chosen During Clinic Set-Ups

  • 82% 3 Section Hi-Lo
  • 11% Portable Table
  • 4% Fixed Height Tables
  • 2% 5 Section Hi-Lo
  • 1% 2 Section

Type of Treatment Tables Chosen During Hospital Set-Ups

  • 59% 3 Section Hi-Lo
  • 20% Bobath Hi-Lo
  • 8% Tilt Table Hi-Lo
  • 8% Other
  • 5% Bariatric Hi-Lo

Type of Electrotherapy Units Chosen During Set-Ups

  • 35% Ultrasound
  • 31% Shockwave
  • 25% Combination US/IFC
  • 6% IFC & Stim
  • 3% Low Level Laser

Average Amount Spent On Equipment During Set-Ups

  • 48% Under $15,000
  • 42% $15,000 to $30,000
  • 10% over $30,000

Fortress Stability Tables

Every clinic needs a table that delivers stability, adds value, security and versatility. All these are engraved in the range of Fortress Physio tables.


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